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Influencer marketing for the food business

What role has influencer marketing assumed in food?

Even in a delicate sector such as food, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to create a strong and consolidated online image.

But how are food-themed contents received by users?

Among the young adults of Generation Z, 4 out of 5 users said they found the food-themed content found on social platforms interesting.

According to this statistic, conducted mainly on young users (18-24 years) in 2021, it then emerged that many young people are driven to try a product solely by social communication, about 70% of the interviewees.


In this sense, influencer marketing proves to be a strong ally, especially through two types of activity:

  • UGC: numerous food influencers are hired to create quick recipes and simple including products supplied by partner companies. Content of this type manages to show the qualities of a product in a context of daily use that is useful and shareable by the public, making it more effective and appreciated than a classic video adv.

  • CONTENT SHARING: very often it happens to try a new place after having received the advice of friends or acquaintances who have already been there. The same dynamic occurs on social networks thanks to influencers, who often invite their audience to try new places and unusual foods, sometimes creating real trends. Also in this case, the opinion of a person considered trusted by their fan base is much more genuine and authoritative than an ad created by the club itself for advertising purposes.

PopulaRise for the food business

So where does PopulaRise fit?

We talked about how content created or shared by potential customers of a product/service rather than by the company itself has now become crucial for the success of a marketing strategy on social media. PopulaRise allows companies to spread their content on the profiles of thousands of ordinary users, mainly followed by friends and family.

So what are the advantages of a campaign with Popularise?

In this case the advantages are many, first of all the high credibility of our community users who are followed by trusted people, secondly, the ability to target and micro targeting a group of people really interested in the product, or geographically close to the place/service proposed.


Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of collaborating with PopulaRise?


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