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What is PopulaRise

PopulaRise, an AI-powered platform, allows businesses to increase their revenue through social media advertising campaigns that directly engage customers instead of relying on professional influencers.
An innovative strategy that leverages authentic customer engagement to maximize the impact of campaigns and improve connection with the public.

Home of the PopulaRise mobile app, where users find missions for the brands they are ambassadors for.

Team Founder

Current round


€180K already raised


  • Management expansion

  • Complete platform automation

  • Reach €80K monthly recurring revenue

About us, 11 February 2024

PopulaRise, the AI that changes social media marketing: goodbye influencers, here comes the community, 13 February 2024

Set Godin said it, influencers will die of self-referentiality. PopulaRise, a startup that passes the testimonial into the hands of consumers, is convinced of this., 7 February 2024

PopulaRise, the start-up that has rethought influencer marketing
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