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La prima startup italiana di Popular People Marketing

Our history

PopulaRise was born in September 2021 thanks to the idea ofFounderAndrea Croce.

This initiative laid the foundations for building the company, an innovative reality that aims to evolve influencer marketing to make it accessible to everyone, creating a new communication channel


PopulaRise allows companies of all sizes to promote values, products and services, leveraging the power ofPopular People Marketing. Through the proprietary platformAI based, it is possible to easily manage advertising campaigns that include theinvolvement of thousands of people in the promotion of brands. For the first time, ordinary people and customers of the brand will be rewarded in a meritocratic way based on the impressions generated through their social channels. 


Renew the concept of Influencer Marketing by bringing thePopular People Marketing: a new authentic, innovative and inclusive advertising channel that gives ordinary people an active and central role in brand promotional campaigns.




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Our values


vCentral value for our startup which rests its foundations on technological development, paying constant attention to market evolutions and changes.


Pillar of our corporate culture, which is also reflected in the communication strategy, based on the involvement of ordinary people, undermining the exclusivity of the Influencer Marketing economy


We set ourselves the goal of redistributing the marketing budget invested by companies towards the community involved in our campaigns. At the company level, we pay great attention to the psychophysical well-being of our employees by offering support services. 


Within our company, performance plays a central role in personal and corporate growth.

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